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A motorcycle can have different values for different people. Someone has ridden this technique in childhood, but would like to get acquainted with it already at a conscious age, someone has already fallen down and got injured, so he is afraid of it. Some people can’t imagine life without a motorcycle. I can tell you right away that I belong to the last category of people.

Despite the increased danger of these vehicles, interest in them has been high and will remain so in the future. No matter how many accidents and other problems related to such vehicles, they will be in demand.

If you are thinking about whether you need a motorcycle, this material will help you think about some important little things, as well as make personal choices that you will not have to regret.

I can’t directly advise anyone to ride a motorcycle or discourage them from doing so, as everyone has to make that choice for themselves, depending on their awareness of the choice and the goals they pursue.

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It’s a rare combination of circumstances to buy a motorcycle accidentally, especially one that you didn’t plan for yourself. Really profitable to buy can be when you prepare for it and know what you’re looking for.

You have to choose a range of models that you are considering for yourself or the one that is in your heart. Next you need to help with the prices. By the way, this can be helped by catalogs that are publicly available and are updated every year. After evaluating the bike itself, you should look at the prices for parts and consumables. This can be very useful later on when bidding on a saddle.

Here you should emphasize that from the last money to buy an expensive or tortured motorcycle is a bad idea. And in the first and second case, giving all the savings for the purchase, it turns out that you need to invest more. At an expensive motorcycle – expensive service, and in the tortured begins to break everything in turn.

A profitable purchase of a motorcycle is a purchase within means and possibilities.


You’re already armed with real market prices and that’s enough to know when the seller is naked and where you can reasonably bargain. If it is a question of finding a motorcycle on ads sites, it is worth expanding the circle to neighboring cities. Sometimes the bike you are looking for is in three or four hours. If there are friends, acquaintances, who will help to transport or more experienced motorcyclist, who will drive the bike for a cup of coffee and heartfelt thanks, then why not? In the extreme case, who prevents you from renting a simple “Gazelle” and bring the bike from the neighboring city by yourself?

Yes, you will spend on transportation, but if in the end you buy a fresher and livelier motorcycle, the purchase is more profitable than taking something worn with life for the same money.

A good way to find one might be to get a sundered radio or go to a motorcycle club. Perhaps someone is thinking about selling your bike, but has not yet posted an ad, and here you are: a coincidence – do not think. It’s no secret that many motorcyclists care about who sells their favorite bike. I am very pleased, when someone familiar with motorcycle clubs before selling the bike offers to buy me. That’s why you don’t lose anything from asking a club to buy a bike, but what the hell is not joking?


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When the best time to buy a motorcycle is a million-dollar question. In spring there is a rush, so the highest prices are mostly at the beginning of the season. In mid-summer the price tags sink a little, because those who have not sold their motorcycles start to face the truth and slow down. There is always someone who wants to change the bike in high summer, the more comfortable to test drive in warm weather. In autumn, the sites of free ads break from the offers. On the one hand, it is those who do not want to serve the bike – ride, mattress and drop. Others do not want to bother with winter storage, so they hope to sell the bike just before the cold. After the end of the season, there is a chance to bargain well and bring down the price of motorcycle maintenance.

“What are motorcyclists looking for before the New Year holidays?”

It is in winter that motorcycles appear which could not be assembled after the accident, and those motorcycles which have not left the hammer – cheaper.

In autumn or winter it is convenient to buy bikes that require work on themselves, because if you have a garage and straight arms from the shoulder belt, you can fix and adjust everything you need.

In addition, in winter, the main peak of visits to motorcycle auction sites, so that the bike had time to deliver, clearance and roll.

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Buying at auctions

The benefit to buy at auctions depends on the choice of motorcycle. If the goal to buy cheap, then you need to look for an inexpensive bike. Experienced suggest that at serious auctions are put up so strictly that sometimes in the proofreading of documents and descriptions, it turns out that a motorcycle with four or even three quite zhivchik, and the estimate is reduced for such a trifle, which is not worth a large investment. The catch is that you need to carefully read out each liked motorcycle.

An option is to buy from a parking ticket. But it’s for the patient and desperate. Since to buy a motorcycle from there legally long procedure, by this time often copied payment for downtime at the parking lot, you have to pay fines and there is no guarantee that the bike is fully functional.

Collect it in pieces

There is an opinion that it is cheaper to bring a motorcycle from another country, but to customize it as spare parts, to assemble and register it. The method is long, not very justified by the money, but the cost of time, effort and nerves is sometimes really more expensive.

More profitable can turn out, if there is a “donor” with the documents, and as a spare part you get, for example, a new engine (with the documents), “marry” them and here on the account is already collected motorcycle.

These methods are chosen by people who understand what they are going for and are ready to collect a dream on bolts.

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Some people deliberately inflate the price to bargain and sell the bike a little more expensive. But if you find all the defects during the inspection and calculate the real value of the bike, you may get a good deal. If you yourself are not strong, why not call an experienced mechanic who will notice something that you do not notice?

There are very stubborn owners who are sure that their Honda Steed 400 is strong b.u. and your mother-in-law’s age should be worth as good as new Gold Wing. You argue, call for logic and Thor, but the owner does not want to realize the real value of the bike. In this case, you can leave him your phone number or just follow the ad in case that after some time the price tag becomes adequate. As practice shows, after six months, the owner of fabulous ambitions is much more agreeable to bargaining.

Common models of motorcycles are always sold easily and quickly, because with them there is no problem to find spare parts and information, but the rare – long and painful. Rare models for amateurs and owners understand that the more unique the bike, the harder it is to maintain and search for spare parts. In addition, unique models are obviously more expensive, and there is not always a buyer, even if the bike matches the price.

Bottom line: a bargain purchase of a motorcycle is first and foremost about meeting reality expectations. Find the right model for its real price – work, and also time spent on preparation and search. The desired motorcycle may be in a nearby city or appear on sale in a month. As experienced tourists say: whoever is looking for – it will come.